02797: Relapse Warble

Just as I wrote about me being on the mend, I woke up with a 37.6 degree temperature, which is technically back in the fever range. My throat was quite sore and I was feeling rather miserable. But I really needed to go to work today and so I just took my meds, sucked on a few Strepsils and waited for my temperature to go down.

I got back down under 37.5 and made my way to work but the paracetamol really kicked in then and I was sweating buckets before I had even left the condo. It wasn't a fun walk and I tried to slow my pace a bit to compensate but on the whole it was still a bit much. The rest of the day I tried to take it slow and thankfully I felt a little better after lunch.

Long story short, I guess I'm still sick. So I have to be careful about all that.