0279F: Really The New Year

For one reason or another I feel like the year only really started for me recently given the many major events that had taken place in recent months. Those life developments sort of threw everything into a crazy time bubble of sorts and it's only now that things are truly beginning to return to a sense of normalcy.

But as is the nature of such temporal adventures, the real world catches up eventually. And thus today felt like a good time to catch up on the little details, especially at work. And so I invested a fair amount of my day into dotting i's and crossing t's and all that fun stuff. It meant a few important discussions here and there and all of this on top of the usual stuff needed for the day-to-day operations to keep on going. All in all, it was a good work day.

Still a lot more that needs to get done. A lot of plans to find a way to turn into reality. But all in all it's an exciting time and that's what makes this business so interesting and fulfilling. Not everyone gets blessed by a career that makes them feel this good and I certainly want to make sure to make the most of it.