0278A: 2019 Goals Declaration

New Year's Resolutions are pretty much considered cliche to the point of them never being taken seriously but this doesn't mean I can't take a stab at it. And there are only three main areas that I want to address in the coming year.

At the tailend of 2018 I managed to lose over 16 kilos by shifting to the keto diet and getting started on daily activity tracking through my Fitbit. I'm still well in the obese territory of BMI so I have a long way to go in this area. I'm shifting over to metric weight tracking so I work a little harder on things since it takes more time to lose 1 kilogram versus 1 pound, if you get my drift. My current milestone remains largely the same at trying to get under 90kg this year with the long, long, LONG term goal of getting under 65kg.

For reference, the last time I was in the normal BMI weight range like that was in high school/college. I've got my work cut out for me.

I decided to stop actively writing for the Geeky Guide until I figured out how to get back on the creative writing horse. I've been going back and forth on this items literally for YEARS now and yet I still have nothing to show for it. 2019 needs to be the year that I really put more effort into writing to see what comes out and from there ultimately decide if this is really a path for me.

It may help me become a more regular writer or it may kill my creative writing dreams entirely. Only time will tell how things will resolve. Besides, if freaking Thundercracker can become a hack of a writer, why not me, right?

In recent years Tobie and I have had our fair share of travel independent of one another because of work or family. It was only last year that we finally got to take a trip together, even if it was my company outing where he was able to come along at our expense. This year I really hope to get back on that horse and figure out ways to squeeze in more travel time together so we can have more things to write about over on Baduy Pride haha. Maybe we'll even vlog about the experience as well.

Target Destinations: Cebu, Bohol, Japan, and maybe Hong Kong? So many friends to visit in so many different far-flung places.