0279C: Family Saturday

Since Tobie had a work activity for the day, this Saturday became more about the family especially with the Chins in town. And I'm not one to turn down more time with the latest addition to the family, my ever adorable nephew.

Despite his age he's proving to be quite the engaging little guy and I'm super enjoying having "conversations" with him. He's best right after one of his naps as he's totally game to engage with anyone who invests time into talking to him. The fact they he is clearly trying to recreate the sounds that people make while talking to him just makes it all the more fulfilling to answer back and see what he might have to "say" in turn.

Thus this included me being totally willing to make odd sounds or even sillier faces while in the middle of a busy mall on a weekend. If it gets my nephew laughing and cooing then I'm all for it.

They're only going to be in town for a few more days so we have to make the most of the time we have left to be together. Then I'll just have to wait for my next trip to Singapore before I get to make a fool of myself for my nephew again. But given my work life, I'm sure I won't have to wait all that long until that time.