02801: Of Wizards and Faeries

I just finished reading the Dresden Files book Cold Days and it had all the elements that I love most about this series - faeries. I guess this has more to do with my love of the White Wolf RPG Changeling that has helped me super appreciate the intricacies of dealing with the faerie world and has helped me survive several encounters with respect to my RPG characters. And it's not just our Changeling games - Tobie has a knack for putting me in situations that tend to involve needing to negotiate a way out of this or that faerie-related situation.

But the world of faerie has become highly interconnected with Dresden's and how he navigates faerie complications has helped inspire some of my own more recent efforts with magically-inclined RPG characters. So yeah, the books have helped me a lot beyond an entertainment level.

The real question is whether or not I'd be able to write stories anything like this or that at least find a way to capture some of that craziness. Stories this gripping are both inspiring and terrifying for anyone hoping to write more.

But hey, it's hard to better ourselves unless we get more exposure to what works well for others. And I continually expose myself to the works of some really great writers indeed.