02793: Slow Week

Time is relative - or at least the perception of time is. And this week feels like it has been crawling a little slower than others. I know I only feel this way because the week has been so eventful at the start thus there rest of the week has seemed oddly slow in comparison. Or maybe it's just how one feels after letting go of several months of stress that had built up leading to this month.

But hey the weekend is right around the corner and that's always a good thing. We managed to schedule a few games including the monthly meeting of the FGTC, so that's good. Sunday remains free and I'm not sure if we should schedule sometime or just take more time to rest.

Weight loss has resumed after a bit of a plateau in recent weeks, which helps me feel better about things as well. I'm a little under the weather though and I suppose that's adding to my sense of fatigue at the end of the day. Gotta watch that - definitely not a good time to get sick given everything else that still needs to get addressed.

Happy Thursday.