02796: Sick Weekend

Getting sick during a weekend is never fun since it means your free time gets bogged down by the need to rest and recover. And while my fever never got to any serious level given my aggressive medication efforts, I've still been feeling generally unwell and the medication cycles means other feelings of being warmer than normal or that heavy feeling you get in your head. Needless to say it has been a damper on my other weekend activities.

I finally got back to my step goals today after missing them the past few days in favor of resting more. I still got to participate in tabletop game nights, albeit with less activity and aforementioned heavy head. But I still managed to win a good number of games despite being under the influence of over the counter medication.

I think I can wean off paracetamol tomorrow since my temperature has been within the normal range all day. I still feel a little warm but no sense in excessive medication at this point - take off the training wheels and roll.

Gotta go to work tomorrow. It's going to be a busy week.