0278B: My 2018 in Books

So I think I did pretty well in terms of my reading efforts last year.

From a goal of 300 books in 2017 I had increased my reading goal to 350 titles in 2018. Thankfully I managed to cover 278 books in total, largely thanks to my new habit of listening to audio books via Audible while walking around BGC. It has added greater efficiency to my reading efforts and expanded my reading life to include interestingly narrated written works.

This year I'm pegging my target at 365 titles, so it's essentially a book a year. This should still be feasible since I still read a lot of comic books and graphic novels and I'm retaining my personal rule that I only count the equivalent of collected editions as one book as opposed to tracking individual issues. It's still a lot of reading ground to cover and I'm in a never ending struggle to keep pace with both my physical and digital book purchases. Maybe one day I'll catch up with all the titles I have access to and call it a day.

I've shifted to writing shorter book reviews over on Goodreads instead of the Geeky Guide, and that does help me actually write more reviews than before. I'd skip most comic book compilations and focus on full-length novels but with this shift I'm writing at least quick snippets for pretty much anything I read. I still haven't quite figured out what I want to do with the Geeky Guide but I have a few articles in mind provided I figure out when to write these things.

Here's to a new year of great reads!