02802: Keto Slowdown

I've been in a bit of a weight-loss plateau for like a week or so and it's been rather annoying. Sticking to a keto diet has had generally meant steady  weight loss for me albeit with these periodic plateau periods.

I'm a bit more annoyed than usual mainly because my interim goal has been to get below 90kg and this current plateau has had me dancing right at the edge. To be fair, I have indulged a bit by eating out in recent weeks whether with family or with Tobie. While I've done my best to stay on keto, there will always be risks thanks to secret sugars in marinades or other carbs that were probably part of the meals somehow.

That'll always be one of the bigger risks of eating out while on keto - when you don't know precisely what goes into what you eat, then you take those risks. So I've been happy to cook again these last two days after we finally restocked on veggies and other consumables. Then I feel a bit more in control.

But hey I'm still expecting to cross that 90kg mark soon enough, hopefully by the time we cross into February. Wish me luck!