02792: Keto Non-Cravings

One of the more interesting shifts since I fully committed to the keto diet is how I don't particularly miss rice. This feels like sacrilege in a rice-eating country like the Philippines, but it's where I stand now. Rice is great but given the potential negative effects of excessive carbs I've pretty much eliminated even looking for rice from my mindset so that has helped a lot.

I thought I'd miss bread more, but it hasn't been too bad to manage. Sure I miss burgers and sandwiches in theory but I think I'm doing okay without the carb boosts each slice of bread represents. And my mom helped me realize that cucumber slices make for an interesting alternative for things like tuna spread and such, provided you control what ingredients go into said spread. It goes a long way towards feeling okay.

Not having sugary desserts hasn't been too painful an experience for me, surprisingly enough. I do miss a taste of something sweet at the end of a meal, which is something that Tobie really drove home. But the sight of ice cream or cake don't quite leave me feeling sad or envious about not being able to take a bite or two. A friend helped source some keto-friendly ice cream and another friend makes keto-friendly brownies and both were nice and tasty but I don't particularly feel the need to go out of my way to order more just yet.

So yeah, it has been a lot of hard work to transition into this lifestyle but things continue to go well. My weight loss continues albeit at a slower pace now so I'm still looking at increasing my level of activity to help the keto process along.