02807: Now Chinese New Year Plans

File:G1snarler boxart.jpg
Because Snarler is a warthog.
Next week is Chinese New Year, which is a much bigger holiday in Singapore than it is in the Philippines. And that means that our company is looking forward to a rather lengthy holiday next week as we follow Singapore holidays across our locations.

Thankfully Tobie and I share at least one of those days for the holiday, so that's a bit more time together. As for the other two non-working days that I've been gifted, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

The smart thing would be to setup medical stuff like maybe arranging for my dental cleaning as it has been a while since my last round. Or I should settle more errands around the Sietch. Or I should get some actual writing done.

I don't foresee leaving the Sietch all that much except for some Pokemon Go and to get my daily steps in line with my Fitbit goals.

The challenge is that everyone else has work for the most part so it's not like there are people to meet up with. And Tobie not being available leaves me less inclined to go anywhere since it's weird leaving BGC without him or thereabouts.

So I'm better off finding errands to do. Or maybe focus on my hard copy books which I don't get to read as much since I rely heavily on my Kindle and my phone for reading on the go.