0279E: Mason Time

So my nephew's first visit to the Philippines is coming to a close and I'm already going to miss the guy. They don't fly home until lunch so today was really the last full day for carrying him, having oddly involved conversations with him, and cleaning up his latest biological mess. It's been a lovely week of juggling work and baby time while trying to think of new ways to indulge him or give him something to play with or be fascinated by.

Just today we walked by a baby swimming spa that is still under construction and naturally there was the moment of considering if this is something that he might want to try out. And it's nice to experience these bits since there are just so many things out there that I want him to experience. He may not necessarily like everything we offer him but the whole process of figuring out what his likes and dislikes are going to be over time is really where the excitement lies.

The far-flung nature of our family means that we're going to miss a lot of his life moments whether we like it or not. But that helps makes the times together all the sweeter.

So I'll be seeing them off tomorrow morning and it'll all be bittersweet but of course he needs to go home. And I'm sure the next trip will be sooner than we expect it whether it means me flying to Singapore or the Chins flying back to Manila. And the time together will be even more delightful as he continues to grow and development.

Family is love.