0279A: Dresden Time

I'm in bed with no immediate plans of sleeping because I feel a little too full for comfort and going to sleep doesn't feel like a great idea. Tobie and I had tried eating at someplace new (for us at least) and the experience hadn't been terrible nor all that great. Service had been rather slow and this dinner ended up taking much longer than expected.

So now I just feel full but not the great kind of full, so I've been reading instead. My efforts to continue working through the books of The Dresden Files has been at a significant high point of sorts starting with book 12 and I just finished book 13 while waiting for dinner to settle down inside me. At least the books have been wonderfully exciting.

Tobie fell asleep waiting for me to finish and I do feel bad about that since he had asked if we'd have time for a board game before bed. But I guess the stress of his work day had won out and he ended up sleeping a lot earlier than usual. It's just as well - more time for sleeping and resting is a gift in itself.

As for me it's back to Harry Dresden and the latest twist in his crazy magical wizard life. Once I'm through these books, I think it's about time that I finally start exploring the works of Brandon Sanderson.