0279B: Weight Loss Moments

There's a new healthy options grocer called Real Food that just opened up along our route to and from work. We finally investigated the store and were happy to discover that beyond organic produce and things of that nature, they also carry a fair amount of keto-friendly products like shrirataki noodles and almond butter.

While at Old Navy I managed to fit into size 36 jeans. I've been wearing size 40 pants for some time now but admittedly they've been slipping even with a belt so new pants age in order. But I opted not to be too eager as that fit was a tad snug and didn't leave me room to enjoy a meal so we got size 38 pants instead. The consolation was getting a bunch of slim/skinny cut jeans at my sister's insistence. She wants to burn my old jeans but I'll need to wait for the new pants to come back after alterations before we can consider disposal.

Got to introduce them to the Ketomazing pizzas I've been enjoying as of late and initial response was good. I keep a constant supply in the fridge and I'm glad they enjoyed them as well.