02795: Appreciating Root

After watching the Shut Up and Sit Down review of Root, I wasn't too sure if this was a game that we wanted to get into. They had warned about a high learning curve for the game until you get to a point of comfortable mastery of any of the diverse factions leading to rapidly dropping interest. But there still had a lot of love for the game for the quality of its components, it's beautiful art and all these other bells and whistles.

Tobie got us a copy of the game for Christmas and after a few sessions we're finding ourselves enjoying the game a lot. There's a lot of nuance to the strategies of the game but the powers of the individual factions and their unique paths to victory make for some very interesting game play. Some races may feel "easier" to one or another based on your play styles and proclivities.

But yeah, Root may not be a game that everyone can appreciate but it's still a pretty good gaming experience and one that is getting a lot more play at our game table. It's a welcome addition to our range of games.