02798: Exam Day One

The default image you find for a Pearson Vue testing center

Today I took my Facebook Core Competencies Exam as part of my re-certification for the year and it was an unusual experience, to say the least. The first time I had gotten certified was at Facebook's Singapore office, so it felt like a relatively more festive event since we went as a group and Facebook had snacks and stuff.

This time around I opted to take the test at a certified testing partner, this being Pearson Vue, whose local testing office is at Makati near RCBC Plaza. Although going to a test like this all by myself was kind of sucky, but it beat needing to arrange a flight to Singapore just to take an exam. And I wanted to see how this remote arrangement would work out - although I was tempted to try to take the test at home despite Facebook's "recommendations".

I've never been to a professional testing venue like Pearson Vue before and I wasn't prepared for the rather severe treatment that they subject test takers to all in the name of ensuring validity of test results. The initial registration already felt weird as beyond the basics like divesting me of my electronic devices, they also inspected my glasses for possible cheating tools or something. Then I was subjected to another inspection right outside the exam room which included showing I my socks were clear and that there was nothing hidden under my shirt collar.

And to have the dude check my glasses AGAIN, then repeatedly ask me whether or not I still had personal effects on my person including coins in my shoe or candies still hidden about my person. This was already after he had asked me to turn out my pockets and all that jazz.

The test itself was tricky, as tends to be the case with these Facebook tests. But in the end I managed to pass although I didn't exactly get a stellar score, by my estimates. But it's not too far off from how I had scored last time, so I guess that's okay. The main point is that I passed and that whole unusual testing ordeal was sort of more worth it now.

But then I'll have to go back for another exam in a few weeks to complete this certification process.