02804: Exam Day Two

The last game we played during yesterday's game night was the now-classic Splendor and across two rounds I managed to win both games, which was pretty awesome. As in all tabletop gaming efforts, Tobie is always my biggest competition and I always need to stay on my toes in order to even stand a chance of beating him. As much as he is the love of my life, it's always no holds barred at the gaming table. One of the best ways to show that we love each other is by  not pulling any punches in competitive efforts like this. And Splendor is totally one of those games that Tobie tends to play better than I do. So to snag two victories in a row was a great way to cap off the night.

I probably should have taken that as a good omen of sorts for today's Facebook certification effort. After passing the Core Competencies Exam almost two weeks ago, I was back at the Pearson Vue testing center in Makati for my second exam needed to complete this year's certification effort.  After much consideration I had decided to try for the Buying exam as that's the track I had passed last time around versus the Planning one. But I was a little unnerved by the limited course material provided.

The official Facebook Blueprint study course for the Buying Professional certification path only consists of four online courses. That doesn't feel like much, especially given how the Planning path has over double the number of courses with minimal overlap. I know that's because more of the questions tend to be more practical in nature and thus it helps to have actual experience running ads on the Facebook platform in order to get through the test. That tends to involve a lot of high concept questions and a good number of practical scenarios where one needs to come up with recommendations for how to achieve theoretical goals based on Facebook best practices.

Admittedly I've always felt that the Facebook Blueprint courses really don't fully prepare you for the certification exams. What has proven to be more useful when taking these days, at least in my experience, is your knowledge of Facebook and other ad platforms and a lot of test-taking experience. A lot of the questions are worded in a way that it makes more sense to figure out the answers through a process of logical elimination. At the very least it'll enough to help you pass, at least in theory.

So I'm glad that the stress is past and I don't have to worry about my certification status for another year. My Google certifications are up in a few months though, but at least their certification process doesn't involve a financial investment just to take the tests and I don't have to go to some professional testing center that in itself is a source of stress. Whew.