0230E: Life Plans After Delicious Diet

So far, Tobie and I have been generally happy with this Delicious Diet experiment thus far. I am not down to 233 pounds from 240, so that's pretty significant. There are good meal days and some challenging days and we've only had one meal that had something questionable that was quickly refunded. So the service in itself isn't a bad thing.

But it is proving to be more of a learning experience and I'm certainly getting a lot of ideas for what Tobie and I could possible cook in the future. And I do miss cooking - we only have a few short orders on our own during the week and then it's trusting Delicious Diet for the work week. And I do think that we'll eventually need to get back to cooking full time. And I think of this every time one of our meals involves "seafood" or "baked fish" since 9 times out of 10 I know it's going to involve dory. And Tobie and I are pretty great at cooking with dory!

The best thing about this experience though is that apart from all the ideas for meals, we're also training ourselves to eat smaller portions. And that may be the key to things in order to keep up any progress we make on this diet should we stop the program. We can cook more of the same stuff, but we'll need to maintain portion control. So that means even if I indulge in cooking something as delicious as Mexican Relish, we just need to remember to limit ourselves to a single bowl per meal or thereabouts.

And if we stick to portions similar to what we're eating under Delicious Diet but with me cooking in my usual quantities, then we should have more leftovers to use as additional meals in the week. And that should still help address our other concerns about not having enough time to cook all the time. It'll still be a lot of work, but it will also mean more home-cooked meals again.

So in the short term, we'll probably stick to Delicious Diet until the end of the year. Then we'll have to weather the Christmas holidays as best as we can before we move on to 2017 when we get back into cooking for real. And beyond just cooking, it will also involve somewhat getting into meal preparation so that we avoid eating out as much as we used to.

So that's the plan for now. Fingers crossed!