02300: #DeliciousDietPH Day 4

Today is the fourth day of our new Delicious Diet adventure together with Tobie and things continue to be pretty interesting. Today's spread of meals of particularly good given Kung Pao Chicken for lunch and Grilled Salmon for dinner. Most of the meals that we've gone through are definitely tasty - we just have to get used to the limited portions.

Not all meals are great - today's breakfast was weird and some meal ideas felt badly timed like the chicken and vegetable dinner from the other night. I understand the need to eat lighter for dinner, but my bigger challenge is the fact I still keep somewhat long hours so it's hard to fight off the munchies when I try to get some work done after hours.

We've been limiting ourselves to nuts and more recently cheese. We hope to add in fruit into our diet once we re-align grocery priorities. Admittedly we haven't restocked on stuff since before my Singapore trip since we transitioned directly into Delicious Diet right after.

On the whole, I don't feel terrible trying to get by on primarily 1200 calories a day. I still add in a mug of coffee into the mix of things to help me get through the day but I've stopped indulging by adding Milo or extra sugar. Weight has been fluctuating a little but I don't want to jump to the conclusion that I've started to lose pounds just yet.

I will say that my weight Saturday night was 240 pounds and my morning weight yesterday was 236 pounds. Fingers crossed.