02302: Steamboat Dining

So last year I was given an electric skillet for my birthday since I enjoyed my first Singapore steamboat (hotpot) experience. Tobie and I have used it sporadically since then but mostly for grilling. But the my last Singapore trip reminded me of how steamboat can be especially with a group and so I promised myself that we'd make more use of the skillet's hotpot feature the next chance we'd get.

Since we ended up hosting this month's game night with the Finer Gaming Things Club (FGTC), it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Plus it seemed like a good option considering our ongoing efforts to stick to the Delicious Diet program without going too heavy. And admittedly standard gaming fare tends to include barbecue, pizza, pancit, and all that good stuff. So tonight's hotpot made for a bit of a change, but it was nice to treat the group to a different experience. And no rice! The most carbs for the night came from the various fish ball type goods and the vermicelli noodles added in at the last minute.

And they brought a cake, so that's a bit of an indulgence. It's the weekend!

With the bulk of the eating out of the way, it's now time to move on to gaming. Here's to more fun times!