02301: Trudging Through Cyberspace

No Internet from The Oatmeal
The internet at work has been particularly terrible at work this week and it has been quite pain for everyone in the team. While we typically need a router reset or two throughout the day even on the best internet days, this week has us repeatedly power cycling devices until we get things running again. And while some work can get done without being online, the fact that we were very closely with our Singapore team means that sooner or later the connectivity issues really drag us down.

Philippine internet is nothing like Singapore internet of course, but we do hope that things get back to being better than they are now. We can only handle so much.

Along similar lines my Globe data signal also seems quite strange in recent months. Despite usually showing that I have enough signal strength for an LTE connection, the performance of different apps is wildly inconsistent. Most Google services such as Google Search, Google Now, Google Hangouts, and Gmail are inaccessible now along with updating social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. However I can still receive push notifications for these apps and use the apps for Hootsuite and Twitter without too many issues. Uber and Waze also work well enough so I don't get what's wrong.

It's not my phone since everything works perfectly fine on WiFi, so the hardware is okay. Maybe something Globe's internet configuration has changed? I'd like to get to the bottom of things soon, but of course it's terribly annoying to get a hold of Globe customer service or queue at a Globe store. But we'll see.