02305: Vlogging Again?

This week I stumbled across the YouTube channel of Andrew Goes Places, who is yet another gay guy with a vlog. It's not the first time I've tried watching a vlog channel ranging from the geeky Neil McNeil (when he was more active on YouTube), the adorable couple Cameron & Mykel in Australia, the occasional vlog of super science couple Mitch and Greg from AsapScience and more recently the family life of Matt and Blue. Is there something about my older years that has me a bit more interested in following the lives of other people through their videos? Or maybe most of these vlog channels are talkies that I can listen to more than watch while I'm working on something else.

A lot of times the more personal stories one encounters in vlogs is what makes them so charming. It's not about comedy sketches or solely doing crazy things but often a lot of mundane stuff from day to day life. Sometimes the camera manages to capture some pretty interesting personal moments and these make things all the more endearing because they feel a lot more real to you as a viewer.

And time and time again I start wondering if this is something I'd like to get into individually or even better yet with Tobie. Of course we already leady rather busy lives and so who has time for one other bit of social media contribution, right? Plus there's the question of what to talk about and whether or not it should be personal and if so how much are we willing to share and how much would we rather keep private - so many things to think about. More often than not it feels like way more trouble than it's worth and so we don't bother.

But seriously, I can hardly publish regular updates over on Baduy Pride, which is pretty much our relationship / couple's blog since real life asks for a lot. So who am I kidding? Where will we find the time?

And yet I still think about it. Maybe our experience with the "recorded as live" Fandom Live YouTube show lingers in my head and it feels like an experience I'd like to sort of repeat with Tobie. Maybe I just miss Yoshi and there are those brief moments that I feel he's gone and so it's tempting to try and fill up those moments of idle thinking with something else. Maybe I just feel really proud of our relationship and really wanting to be able to share it and talk about it with the rest of the world feels alluring on some level.

Who knows, right?