0229C: Diet Time

So Tobie and I are taking the plunge with Delicious Diet and are going with a meal plan service for at least a month. It'll be a bit of a shift from our regular routine, but at the same time it solves a big lingering problem for us in terms of figuring out what to eat during the week without always resorting to fast food delivery or eating out.

Going straight in for a full month because of a modest P500 discount may seem a little silly but then there's no time like the present, right? We may have to adjust our consumption levels depending on how this 1200 calorie plan makes us feel but let's see. I'm still feeling all excited about this and keen on making some better food choices.

In the longer term I hope to get back into cooking meals and hopefully staying on a diet service for a while will help us adjust our eating levels entirely to be more controlled. But for now wish us luck! We'll try not to cheat too much during the weekends, hehe