02312: Cleansing? Purging? Forging?

Ganked from the Daily Mail without commercial intent
It has been a weird year. Of course any year has its highs and lows but man this year has been totally wild. It feels like Tobie and I have been made to go through the emotional equivalent of urban renewal or something like slash and burn farming techniques. There are things to be celebrated and there are friendships lost that I first lamented but now find more annoying since there seem to be continued efforts to put more and more distance between us but in a most negative manner.

But I've never been one to dwell on such things and I was perfectly happy to now think about such people until they decided to poke things with a stick again. Seriously, some people need to get a life - or at least get a good look at themselves in the mirror and "check their privilege" as they often enjoy saying. Alas.

Beyond such shitty people in this world, there's still so much to be happy for and so much to be hopeful about. Yes the political situation here is tense and quite volatile but the future, at least on the personal front, is looking pretty good indeed. A lot of my energies are shifting to the search for a new place to live and I think that BGC may have more options for us than I had anticipated. I continue to view units and consider options.

And I honestly think that Tobie and I should try creating something together for YouTube centered around the gaming hobby or in line with our Baduy Pride blog perhaps. It's just a feeling and I doubt our production value will ever become something truly impressive, but it should be a lot of fun.