0230F: A Quiet Friday?

It has been rather overcast today with some intermittent rains, thus making Metro Manila travel more annoying than normal. I was late or work today since I had trouble getting an Uber this morning - the rain was probably a factor there as well. But the work day was still productive, so that's a good thing. I even managed to view a few possible units for me and Tobie to rent should we finally make the decision to move to BGC.

Tobie and I have no concrete plans for tonight. We met up around 08:00pm after our respective work days and settled down to eat our Delicious Diet dinner for today - a small container of rice with some very bland chicken fillet pieces on top. We watched a bit more Broadchurch. We indulged with some jellyfish salad and a Sakura Matcha Kitkat bar from an officemate. But then Tobie nodded off a bit in his seat so I sent him off to lie down while I blogged.

The traffic situation is a little weird so we did map out hanging around BGC a bit more. We have the Marvel Legendary games here and a copy of Potion Explosion that Tobie borrowed from the office. We have a gazillion shows to watch whether in terms of our downloaded material or the combined libraries of Netflix and iFlix. We could also go to O Bar if we feel like it.

But I suspect we'll just stay in - initially here in BGC then later at Cubao. We have a busy weekend ahead given Tobie's book launch and the different games we have scheduled. So for tonight I think it's best if we just rest and be together and recover from the work week.

Quiet nights aren't a bad thing.