02306: I've Lost 5 Pounds

I've been on Delicious Diet for more than a week and and it looks like I may have solidly lost 5 pounds. I didn't want to call it right away but this morning's weigh-in confirmed things - I was a solid 235. Sure, 5 pounds could be water weight or things just settling or something, but any loss is good at this point. At the very least, it's a good start to things.

I haven't been on a formal diet for a while - the last being my efforts to go low carb that sent my uric acid levels spiking. But I'll give credit to Delicious Diet though - this doesn't feel like I'm on too much of a diet. Sure the dinner meals tend to be lighter than I'd like and so that's a bit of a struggle. But on the whole it's not terribly unpleasant. Plus I get a sweet pastry every day, which is actually really out of the ordinary for me given my pre-diet eating habits.

But more importantly, I'm starting to lose weight! And maybe a 1200 calorie diet will quickly plateau since my weekend meals aren't quite as strictly regulated. And I not going to limit myself to a sandwich or a salad for dinner even during the weekend. So yeah, it's a lighter diet but it's still a diet and we just need to do our best not to overindulge during the weekend.

But I feel good! 5 pounds! Yay! Huzzah! Enthusiastic cheer!