02309: Anniversary Night at O Bar

While our anniversary was last Thursday, we opted to celebrate the special day at O Bar last night in order to catch more of the drag queens that we love and to be with our O Bar circle of friends. Thursday is a nice night to go to O Bar, don't get me wrong, but it's not quite the same vibe as the weekend crowd, for better or for worse.

Admittedly I was a little hesitant about going for a moment because of yesterday's anti-Marcos protests, but at the same time this was something we had mapped out a bit of a whiles back. So we all support the fight against this terrible decisions in our own way, I suppose.

More friends couldn't make it last nights because of concerns about the traffic situation combined with the late night rains, but our fellow "regulars" were well in attendance and that went a long way. Our O Bar family of sorts has always been a very supporting and generous one and we certainly felt loved and celebrated last night. The free food and drinks and chocolates to boot definitely helped stress that point as well.

It's fitting I suppose since Tobie and I really started spending more time together when he started taking me to O Bar so many years ago. Before that Bed was pretty much the only place I knew besides side ventures to places like Government when they were still alive. Tobie helped to introduce me to O Bar and these days I can't imagine going anywhere else.

O Bar is definitely one of our happy places and a safe space we can always go to. You'll always get a great show and you'll find friends waiting to share a glass with you and it's all good in the end. And I hope that everyone finds their own safe spaces, whether it be O Bar or some other place.