02298: The Long and Short of It

I have about three days left in this Singapore work trip and it feels like it's been such a long time and yet also too short a period of time. Work has a way of just glueing you to your seat and not wanting to go out that much since rest is such a gift.

But that's why it's a work trip and not a vacation - and Tobie and I probably need to schedule a vacation together soon enough. This year has become one where we didn't manage to make any travel plans together given Yoshi's condition earlier in the year and the lack of a serious reason to make the effort to want to travel outside the country. We get most of our board games directly in Manila through places like Gaming Library so what used to be our biggest reason for going to Singapore has sort of fizzled out.

I think I only really travel here to be with family, to work, and to lose money at Books Kinokuniya. And of course to cuddle many dogs.