01982: Resume Previous Course and Heading

Tonight I resume my regular schedule and work duties given the generally successful completion of the two client visits over the past two days. So ends a heck of a lot of stress, most of which I concede that I generated all by myself. Totally not healthy, but at least things went well. So does that justify my internal craziness?

And now that I'm no longer rushing to get to the office during what I consider to be atypical work hours versus my "normal" graveyard work, it's time to return to my previous course and heading and continue on with the journey. I'd love to completely relax and forget about the past few days, but there's no rest for the wicked in the working world. We need to keep moving forward.

And so I find myself trying to catch up on more personal matters here at the Sietch. I had left a good number of emails marked with Pins and Reminders in Google Inbox and I spent my early morning hours after work clearing a lot of that out. And while there's still other things that need to get done, at least no longer feel quite as behind as before.

I really need to calm down more and not get so worked up. This can't possibly be healthy.