01985: Geeky Valentine's Day

When you're in a relationship, it's interesting how many people ask you what your plans for Valentine's Day are going to be. Given how bad Tobie and I are at surprises (since we see them coming from a mile away), we end up doing small things throughout the year or big things only as spur of the moment notions. Making things a surprise even to ourselves is the best way to make sure it's still a surprise for the other person.

So today I got the three remaining Adventure Time Happy Meal toys that we had yet to add to our collection and thus endured eating multiple McDonald's Hamdesals. Such a horrible sandwich - I think I tend to burn the memory of eating it out of my memory thus I totally forget how I feel about them several months or even years later. But they were the cheapest option on the mention to pick up the toys. I only really decided to buy them last night at work, but they did make for an amusing Valentine's Day token. I originally wanted to get Tobie flowers or something, but we kinda joked about that over dinner with friends just before I went to work.

Today we've largely stayed home and watched Project Runway. In order to make things feel a bit more special, I also made sure to order North Park for lunch, since we both really enjoy their food. We have a set menu in mind every time we order from them and end up feeling more than a little surprised that we manage to demolish the entire order in a single sitting. But hey, it's a silly commercial holiday, so a little gluttony is okay.

But since we have a tabletop RPG session today, I opted to stay awake while Tobie caught up a bit on sleep. I've been trying to play Star Trek Online given it's the weekend and I theoretically have time for gaming, but the internet has not been very good to me thus far. So I've been unable to make the most of the time apart from getting my daily quests out of the way and completing one story mission. I really want to continue to tinker with my ship, but things just aren't cooperating.

But the players should be here soon and I better wake Tobie up accordingly.