0198D: Paving the Way for GMs

The GM or the Game Master is the generally the chief architect behind most tabletop RPG adventures. This is the man behind the GM screen. He is the writer that crafts the story for the players to explore. And he's the guy who tends to do the most work in preparation of game. It's not an easy role and the continued life of the hobby has rested on the shoulders of these devoted storytellers.

Today was the second GM Seminar, an independent effort to help new GMs and potential GMs with their craft. At the moment it's a labor of love by various GMs to help support the hobby here in Metro Manila and provide an opportunity for people to network and meet other fans of this still thriving hobby. And once again, Tobie was one of the speakers at the seminar.

I'm really proud of Tobie - he's been really dedicated to RPGs for quite a long time and these little moments are a nice opportunity to celebrate his skills and experience and to get other people to show their appreciation for his efforts as well. As much as we do our best to schedule games with different players and experience new things, we can only meet so many people. So little events like this really open the doors to meet more folks involved in the hobby. And I'm not ashamed to admit that Tobie is really good at what he does and he has a distinct voice in the "industry" so to speak. And I love it when other people take the time to recognize him for his work or at least see what I see and hope to game with him sometime.

I've only run a few games myself and these seminars are rather inspiring in terms of me wanting to run more games. But I really need to become more confident when it comes to running those sessions and just being able to write out the stories behind the games. And that sort of ties back to the need to revive my own creative writing efforts.