0198A: Holiday Diversity

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year Folks! May you all find prosperity in this Year of the Goat.

It's interesting how diverse Philippine holidays have become. In an effort to somehow acknowledge the religious and cultural diversity of the county, we seem to have developed more and more holidays over recent years in order to accommodate others. We were already heavy in the holiday department because of how the country is declared to be largely Catholic, but now we have national holidays declared for events like the Chinese New Year along with the beginning and end of Ramadan. We have more holidays than we know what to do with and this can seem like a lot of fun for "traditional" employees not in the service industry and such.

Naturally I had work last night and I still have work tomorrow all the way through the end of the week. Like with most declared Philippine holidays, it's business as usual in the call center world and you just have to live with the whole routine. It's not exactly a bad thing since traveling around Metro Manila is really swell during holidays. But every now and then you hit a holiday that feels particularly important and yet you're still largely unable to take advantage of it. You win some and you lose some.

At least I'm already more than halfway through the work week. That's something to be happy about.