0198E: Adore and the Oh Divas

So Adore Delano of RuPaul's Drag Race fame is in the country this week in line with her one-night concert at O Bar this Wednesday. And she's already in the country given she showed up at O Bar last night and totally enjoyed the Oh Divas' performances. Naturally they dragged her up on stage a few times to party with the girls and on the whole it was such a fabulous night.

Adore was really impressed the performances and mentioned this on Twitter. On Instagram Adore highlighted Brigiding as one of her favorite queens of the night given her high concept performances and overall fierceness. And as much as I'm excited to see her perform live on Wednesday night, I feel even more more of the Oh Divas and how far they've come from their humble beginnings in the original O Bar Malate.

Friends know that I take a ridiculous number of photos whenever I'm at O Bar, and that's primarily because of how much Tobie and I love the bar and the amazing performers that make each night memorable. And it's nice to see their talents recognized by notable people in this part of the entertainment industry. They are truly special and I love them to bits and they deserve all the praise that they get from pretty much anyone who takes the time to watch their performances.

They're a big part of the reasons why Tobie and I go to O Bar. Apart from having good fun with friends and all that usual bar stuff, we're really there to see what the Oh Divas will do next and they rarely disappoint. We do our best to be supportive of their efforts and we try to help them find new songs to try and perform or give tips on their performances if they're open to that. Overall, we want them to succeed because it's plain as day to see just how much potential they have as performers and artists.