01991: One Night with Adore Delano

So Tobie and I were at the one-night only Adore Delano event at O Bar last night and it was AMAZING. I was generally looking forward to the event, but I was not prepared for how much I was going to enjoy the night. And that's totally not a bad thing at all - if anything it just goes to show how great the whole thing was.

A bit part of what made the night so memorable involves the company we kept, ranging from longer-term O Bar friends and some O Bar "virgins" who were at the bar for the first time just to see Adore. The crowd last night was an interesting mix of people, many of whom were really more fans of the show RuPaul's Drag Race more than anything else. And here we were united by a love for drag.

And now I happily have a live recording of Adore singing her brilliant song, "I Adore U".

There was a lot of love on that stage last night. Adore was clearly having a good time and the crowd was pretty pumped to see her in person. Many people were ecstatic just to touch her hand while she performed while others tried to sneakily get selfies with her, only to find Adore posing for the shot mid-performance. Adore was just so endearing and sincere and yet with the same rather glib personality. She spoke her mind about pretty much anything and really stressed in her words and actions that drag is anything that you want it to be and she's proudly owning her unique take on the art form, or whatever you want to call this form of artistic expression.

And I really liked that message - the encouragement to express yourself in whatever manner feels right for you and to celebrate what you're passionate about. In that regard, Adore Delano and a lot of the drag queens out there live this message each and every day. It takes balls to do drag and their continued participation in the art is quite a statement in itself.

And I am so proud of the Oh Divas and how far they've come. To have someone like Adore Delano repeatedly praise them for their artistry and all the hard work that they put into performances is most welcome praise indeed. Sure, I think a lot of us longer term O Bar fans all know this, but there's a certain sense of validation or maybe just gratitude when you have major figures in the "industry" recognize their efforts as well. And I'm sure a lot of people who were fans of the TV show but new to O Bar were pretty surprised to find this level of drag in the country. They're an amazing set of girls and I am so happy that their efforts are certainly paying off.

And ultimately we're both extremely happy for the bar. Given the many years that we've been supporting their efforts and how much the bar has grown over the years, it really says a lot about how the business has been managed. Their commitment to quality and the clarify of their vision has resulted in all this success over the years. And now O Bar is really on the map for this sort of high quality drag entertainment and it can only open doors to other opportunities. Adore Delano has paved the way for other queens and generally other members of the LGBT entertainment community to come to the bar and see what the country has to offer. And Tobie and I are just glad to see the O Bar family become even more fabulous and successful in the many years to come.

And we managed to get a selfie with Adore! We're all entitled to our little fanboy moments, yes?