0198C: The Subtle Thief of Youth

While watching an episode of Project Runway, I was reminded of the fact of how jarring it is now to see the ages of the contestants. Some years ago it never really mattered all that much since ages seemed like such abstract markers. But because of our Base 10 thinking. now seeing contestants doing amazing things in their 20's seems all that more daunting now that one is in his 30's. For my fellow 30-somethings, just look at your favorite reality TV show and start thinking about what you were doing in your 20's while these folks compete on television for various achievements.

Mind you, I don't exactly feel like I've been wasting my life or anything like that - such "quarter life crisis" type thinking always feels ridiculous to me. But it does become a sort of kick in the rear to remind yourself about where you stand in life and where one hopes to go. And I've always been a fairly big dreamer despite some very stern reins of realism thrown into the mix.

Life is for the living and it's to short for getting held back by regrets. And I have some big plans for the future that still need to be achieved - I just need to plot the right course to get there. Just thinking about such things can be pretty exciting and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead. It's not all roses and sunshine I'm sure, but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun along the way.

Fingers and toes crossed.