0197D: A Few Things Before Sleeping

Today's brain vomit:

Traffic - The only way to really deal with Metro Manila traffic is (1) have someone else drive for you whether a personal driver or an Uber driver or (2) do not leave your home. Find a job that is walking distance from your house instead.

Investments - Our government really pulls out all the stops for foreign investors but doesn't extend equal support to small and medium business enterprises. Such a shame.

Call Centers - I have enough tenure in this industry to be somewhat scary / intimidating to other people.

Interviews - People still keep on committing really basic mistakes when going out for interviews. Today's pet peeve: when they don't do any research on the company they're applying for. This tells me that they're not genuinely interested in the post.

Yoshi - I love Yoshi. So much.

Sleep - I will never get enough of it as long as I work in the call center industry.