02470: Enough Quarantine for Breakdowns


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 100

Because we're Base 10 creatures who like round numbers, a lot of folks are talking about the fact that we've been in quarantine this long. In fact, we have spent more of 2020 in some level of quarantine than not. To be accurate, we crossed that threshold sometime late-May, but who's counting the days, right? There are 8 days left in the month and we seem to be fairly on track to hit 40,000 COVID-19 cases by that time, just like those UP researches had predicted. It's going to be pretty close.

Over the course of this quarantine, Tobie and I have experienced some unusual equipment problems just when it was most difficult to get repairs done. Tobie's laptop problems escalated a bit during quarantine and I managed to drop my laptop right before the lockdown began. I finally got a replacement unit when we shifted to GCQ, but then something happened and our washing machine started to leak during the main wash cycle.

Thankfully the condo was okay with the servicing guy to visit, but the problem was bigger than expected, so we had to have the unit pulled out entirely. It took them nearly two weeks to fix the problem and we just got the machine back today, much to my relief. Beyond the mounting pile of laundry, not being able to do the laundry was doing weird things to my psyche. I hate it when my routines are disrupted and not being able to run regular cycles of laundry throughout the week REALLY messes me up.

And as of late, my mouse is starting to act up. It's a minor thing - sometimes single clicks become double clicks or when I'm in click-and-drag mode it immediately releases the item so I can't drag it anymore. But again with the relative risk every time we venture out to public spaces, I'd rather not have to deal with repair and maintenance concerns right now.

When is this all going to end?