02466: Weekend Perspective

Breakfast for Lunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 90

Going by the numbers, we've been under quarantine for a good 3 months now, assuming you count based on the average 30-day month figure. Today is also Philippine Independence Day. We are also waiting for updates

It was a busy workday for me, as we follow Singapore holidays. Lots of interesting meetings, reports that needed to get done, and other fun stuff. A great way to end the week.

The rainy season has officially begun, as per PAG-ASA, as stressed by today's rains. The cooler weather has certainly been welcome but the humidity is still a problem. I may have some errands that I may need to address this weekend and I hope the rain doesn't become an added complication. I venture out of the Sietch so infrequently now and I'd like some consolation for those instances I do go out. But we'll see how things go. 

A full weekend of scheduled games at least. We've all fully embraced the constraints of quarantine and have set up regular online game sessions instead to keep going. We've stopped publishing an open gaming calendar for recent months and instead just focus on existing groups with increased frequency. So previously monthly games now have 2-4 sessions a month, which does help the challenges of staying in feel a little less stressful. 

Hope everyone reading this has a great weekend ahead as well.