02460: The Counting Continues


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 84

This week, I've been receiving a number of emails from my gym, Anytime fitness, about safety reminders should the gym re-open soon. This included a rather lengthy survey about what a member like myself expects from the gym in terms of safety. I appreciate all these steps they're taking before re-opening, but honestly, I do not feel safe enough to return just yet. I might consider it once quarantines have been lifted, but even under GCQ it still feels a little too soon. 

I just hope that they'll be okay with me opting to suspend my membership a little longer while things remain uncertain. I have a pretty good mask that I could use for working out but I don't know if that would be all that great an idea given all the risk factors. But it's certainly something to consider for now. I totally understand though - the fitness industry has been pretty hard hit by this pandemic and they should totally try to get back into operation as soon as the government allows it. 

In other news, I haven't stepped out of the Sietch since I settled my Fitbit problems on 27 May. I checked my Google Maps timeline data to make sure and yes, I've been fully indoors for a good 10 days beyond going down to the lobby to receive deliveries. This is rather by design since I've been minimizing my public exposure, especially now that I'm able to bake my own keto pandesal. This has resulted in fewer specialized supply runs for keto supplies.

But I think I'll make a quick trip out tomorrow since I've run out of keto desserts. I typically stock up keto ensaymada muffins since they seem to be the best value for money and are quite tasty. But I still have a lot of almond flour, so at least I won't need that.

Despite things "relaxing" more into GCQ, I find less of a desire to venture outside and risk things. Or maybe I'm just getting more acclimated to the whole shut-in quarantine life. That's kind of a scary thought. This is not exactly a setup that I want to get all that used to. But we roll with the punches as they come, I suppose. We keep moving forward.