0246F: Still Not Moving


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 99

We come to the end of another weekend in lockdown and things have been generally okay. Not great and definitely not amazing - just okay. We're entering our fifteenth week of quarantine and not much has changed beyond sending more people back to work without sufficient transportation. All the government guidelines remind us to stay home as much as possible, but at the same time, they've been eager to re-open businesses in order to restart the economy somehow even if most people shouldn't be going out patronizing businesses. 

The quarantine constraints resulted in a most unusual Father's Day for many, I'm sure. We resorted to ordering a big dinner for Dad and then arranged for a video conference so we could all "eat together" as a family, even if we weren't all quite ready with food at the same time and we ended up just talking through stuff for the most part. It was a nice little experience and we made Dad happy but it's also no real replacement for in-person activities and related expressions of love.

We've all done a lot to adapt to quarantine life, but we can't all be expected to continue on in this manner indefinitely. But when things are going to turn around is pretty much anyone's guess. For now, we're in this weird limbo-like state that just keeps on going on and on. Meanwhile, our COVID-19 case count continues to increase at a disturbingly steady rate, which in itself disproves the effectiveness of government disease management efforts thus far.

Welcome to Quarantine Week 15.