02467: Saturday Summary

Baked Porkchops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 91

The weekend has started out pretty well. We had a great Trinity Continuum RPG session last night that helped make up for our sleepy confusion last week. Today started explosively strong and really became a geeky celebration with today's Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game case, which was practically mind-blowing. And there's still time for Tobie and me to play a few more games tonight, so it should be great Saturday. And tomorrow we have another Pendragon RPG scheduled, and those are always quite fulfilling game sessions to play through given the diversity and quality of that gaming group. 

As is often the case before a big government announcement about our quarantine lives, there's a lot of speculation on social media and in private messaging groups as to what is going to happen next. I've learned to ignore such news and just wait for the official announcements - this results in a lot less stress and mental anguish for me. But it's inevitable for friends and family to reach out and try to compare notes and whether or not I can verify or corroborate the news that's going around. I rarely have better information since I don't really go looking, but one can always hope for the best.

We're about to start Week 14 of quarantine and...we're all just learning how to be better shut-ins. There are a lot more people out on the streets these days as far as I can tell during my limited errand runs and that creates mixed feelings. I understand people being eager to get out there again but I just hope everyone still keeps their hygiene and safety in mind at all times. 

Eternal vigilance and all that. COVID-19 is no joke and we can't let our guards down yet.