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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 108

Today's the last day of June and a lot of different snoozed emails came back up with different reminders for this or that. I had to redeem all my GMovies Reel Rewards points for discounts for future movie ticket purchases as the points were set to expire come July. The discounts are good until October, but it feels rather unlikely that we'll be able to watch 7 or so movies by that time, but let's see. 

Then I decided to respond to a weird free 90-day COVID-19 life insurance from BPI-Philam. I already have several policies in effect but I guess a free one even with a rather limited duration is worth exploring. I'm sure it'll lead to attempts to get me to sign up for something longer-term (and paid), but we'll see how things go. 

I'm still staring at a special 2-month trial of Kindle Unlimited that has been sitting in my inbox all month. It's not that I don't like the option of access to more ebooks, but I also know that I have already purchased way too many books that I don't know how I'll find the time to read enough books in the Unlimited library that will make the monthly fee still worth it. But 2 months does feel like a good deal haha

And as this is the end of the month, we're also waiting for the national government to confirm what will happen to Metro Manila and other territories starting tomorrow. GCQ is supposed to end today but nothing is stopping them from extending the current status quo indefinitely or even go back to a stricter level of quarantine. My money is on another extension of GCQ given our infection numbers. 

The only thing that will really sway the decision, I assume, is economic or business interests pushing for more of the country to re-open to get things rolling. Such a move is also great for creating new vectors of infection, but this far into this pandemic, logic left the building a long time ago. We do whatever feels more important for the moment because our government can't handle too many plates spinning at the same time.