0245B: Pride Alone Together

Black and White Rainbow

Metro Manila Community - Day 79

June means many things to different people including LGBT Pride Month. But it's hard to think about the fight for queer rights with the George Floyd riots raging across different cities in the US while most of the world also remains in some form of quarantine due to COVID-19. It's a year where the official Metro Manila Pride March has been canceled until further notice and no one's routine is anything close to "normal" anymore. 

As we enter the usually jubilant and defiantly celebratory LGBT Pride, the President has just certified as urgent the Anti-Terrorism Bill with many controversial gray areas that could potentially be used not just to fight alleged terrorists but to also suppress voices of dissent using the same tools. It's a time when we have been to our usual LGBT safe spaces like O Bar in months and we all worry for the continued livelihood of the staff and the drag queens who have defined the queer experience for so many. 

Pride has always been a protest, yes, but over the years it has also been a rallying cry and a cause for celebration.  And no matter how dark things seem now, there is always cause to hold strong, believe in a better future, and see the light that still shines through.

Happy Pride Month, everyone. Let's all allow our colors to shine brightly.