02474: Blitz Week

Two bowls of soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 104

Wow, Week 15 of quarantine has gone by so quickly, largely because it has been a rather busy week for us at work. One thing has led to another and we're pretty much in the middle of another pitch season, which in itself is a blessing given the challenges of our COVID-19 reality. So alongside our regular work, we're trying to put our best foot forward for these different potential clients to see what business we can win. 

On the domestic front, I'm starting to feel a little guilty about not getting more cleaning and organizing done despite over three months of being largely at home. The Sietch is quite the vibrant collection of things that we love but there are also a few corners where stuff has just gathered since the time of the move and never got fully addressed. With us home all the time, you'd think that we would have done something about it sooner, but in truth, we haven't. The steadiness of our respective jobs takes up most of our brain time and during the weekend we've still been scheduling a lot of gaming activities to keep us from going totally bonkers.

But yeah, did some reorganizing today since Tobie bought a new storage container to help me deal with my seemingly endlessly growing collection of Star Trek starship models. and that just goes on to remind me that many boxes and bags and things have just been there for a while. 

Maybe I should handle things one container at a time - even just one thing a day. That's a reasonable pace, right?

Anyway, for now we're waiting for the last player to be ready for tonight's Trinity Continuum RPG session to help start this weekend properly. 


  1. Can't wait to spend time cleaning our my own place with Ed! Haha

    1. It's a unique celebration of independence! Tobie and I still race to handle the dishes before the other hehe

  2. I agree, I also have a lot to clean up and one container at a time is more manageable rather than do it in one go :)


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