0156A: A Transformers Pick-Me-Up

I wasn't expecting to have a new Transformer today - what more the Hasbro version of Masterpiece Grimlock himself. But a chance deal came up in a Transformers Facebook group that I'm a part of and the lure was a little hard to ignore. I know it was at the limits of my budget for the figure, but then Tobie offered to help me secure him and so here he is. And all my other Grimlocks are happy to see him!

I'll see if I'll have time to unbox him today before I head off to bed. It's already pretty late and I think to do this right I'll need to make some space for him to occupy somewhere else before I can get around to releasing him from his plastic and cardboard prison. Tobie has helped clear up some shelf space previously allocated for our original DVD collection, so now I have a lot more space to play around with from a display perspective. Some cabinets with glass doors would be truly ideal, but I just work with what I have for now.

And given how my first work day of the week was, well, I'm really thankful for a new Transformer joining the family. Tobie knows that these guys really do me a world of good to cheer me up on bum days. Some people feel the need to drink. Others desire to escape the city and run off to some far-flung rural area. I spend time with my Transformers.

Well that or I cuddle Yoshi.