01568: Wrapping Up Repertory Philippines' Regular Season

OnStage at Greenbelt
So today Tobie used the last of our Repertory Philippines regular season tickets. And while the shows weren't particularly amazing, it was still a fun experience to have these three productions to look forward to month after month. I definitely think it's something that we'll try to do again next year.

The last show in the regular season was The Graduate as based on the Charles Webb book that was also adapted into a rather popular movie. Cherie Gil had originally been cast as Mrs. Robinson but something changed along the way and she was eventually replaced by Pinky Marquez. She did rather decently in the role but wasn't anything spectacular either. Tobie and I couldn't help but imagine what the play would have been like with Cherie Gil most of the time, which probably didn't help things alone.

It was a decent enough play - although I find myself describing Repertory plays as "decent" more than I'd like. And while the cast involved a lot of good talent with some great potential, Tobie and I felt that it was rather confused in terms of the tone it wanted to achieve. It was aiming for a comedy-drama, which is never quite easy to balance. The end result felt a lot more like just a straight drama with odd comedic moments. The overlying tension of the drama aspect though left us in the audience uncertain if it was appropriate to laugh at times.

Chicken Gyro Plate with Moroccan Rice Pilaf
Other than the play, we had quite the hearty lunch at Cafe Mediterranean just before the show began. I can't quite explain why the richer flavors of Mediterranean, Mexican and even Persian cuisine appeals to me so much. But I guess I really am just the sort of guy who enjoys the richer, spicier flavors associated with their cooking. It probably also explains my own generous use of various herbs and spices in my cooking.

On the whole though, the whole Ayala Center mall experience doesn't feel as comfortable to me as it used to some years past. And while you can always blame the lack of familiarity, I guess it just feels more like the stores no longer seem to carry the things that I'm interested in. There are some interesting specialty toy stores at Greenbelt 1 still but their inventory seems to be rather disappointing as of late. Hobbes doesn't carry as many game boards as they used to and there seems to be a greater focus now on their LEGO franchise and their arts and crafts section. Plus a lot of the restaurants seem ridiculously overpriced to me thus the better alternative seems to be eating somewhere closer to home.

Oh Quezon City, I love you. LOL
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