01578: Transformers Relocation Efforts

Well another work week has begun, and despite getting two major deadlines out of the way last week, my "plate" does not feel any less full. I'm working my way through yet another complex series of documents with other tasks demanding my attention. And I'm still either conducting interviews or facilitating them as well. The fun just never stops, really.

Add in the fact that Tobie hasn't been feeling too well since yesterday, I found myself wanting to spend some serious quality time with my Transformers today. Tobie had previously cleared out some of the DVD shelves so that I could find new homes for more of the kiddies but I had yet to find the time to work on them. So today became a very good day for precisely this.

This first shelf now containts my various Dinobots (with Masterpiece Grimlock in center stage), the Insecticons that have been released over the years (I still don't have the second wave of G1 Insecticons though) and the more recent Predacon Dragons from the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters line. This shelf has not yet been fully optimized - I expect to buy more dragons as the Beast Hunters line continues and so I'm bound to use up the additional space.

The area that they vacated beside my Soundwave display is now home for the different incarnations of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus that I've gathered over the years. It's hard to continue to protest how Optimus Prime isn't a favorite figure given I have so many different versions of him. Love for a character cannot stand in the way of a collector's goals of having a complete set, I suppose.

This photo does not even include the other figures that don't quite fit in here. These would include the re-release of G1 Ultra Magnus, The Animated version of Ultra Magnus and the Powermaster version of Optimus Prime. I still have a long way to go before I can truly organize these shelves to my satisfaction. And I strongly suspect that by the time I accomplish that, I'll just have even more Transformers lying around, waiting to be displayed properly.

I feel sorta guilty that Tobie is actually trying to think of ways of adding more shelves to the Sietch to better address the storage / display needs of my collection. I know how lucky I am that I have a partner who is willing to support my Transformers collecting to this degree.

And yes, I do feel a lot better now. Although I probably need to tide up all the loose figures scattered all over the dining table before I head to bed, hehe.