0155E: Brain Drain

As of late I seem to find myself drawing more of a blank when I sit down to write these daily personal blog posts. I have more than enough content to keep the Geeky Guide going but for this one it's become a bit of a struggle. And I don't take this as a sign that I should reduce posting frequency for this blog or anything like that. I think it just means that I'm more tired than I've truly accepted.

Oh and don't get me started on the lack of posts over on Baduy Pride. And that's a blog that both Tobie and I write together. Whoo boy.

But considering that we all just came back from a fairly lengthy holiday because of Holy Week, so it can't be about feeling drained because of work. I guess the heat is getting to me even more than I had projected based on yesterday's entry. If anything, it's going straight to the more creative side of my brain and is eating away at my blogging. 

Drat and double drat.