0156B: 5 Months (Again!)

Well, today's our fifth monthsary as a renewed couple. And while it seems sort of silly to celebrate monthsaries anymore given (1) Tobie and I have been living together for 4 years now and (2) it's not like we hadn't been in a relationship together prior to this. But hey, if we're going to be technical about things, then we have to recognize that certain things ended and began again. Such is life.

But this monthsary is in the middle of the work week - and quite a busy one at that. So we couldn't quite figure out a way to celebrate in a manner that was more special. I had to dash off to work at midnight last night and Tobie had already made his way to work for the afternoon.

At the very least, we did get to share a hearty North Park delivery lunch here at the Sietch - and joined by a surprise guest in the form of  Prince. It was a fun enough way to mark another month together as we rebuild our path to the future. And while we may not all be together in a relationship with Prince anymore, he is still part of our unique sense of family as much as the next person. I think that is sort of becoming one of the key highlights of our new relationship together - a tendency to "adopt" friends.

After all, when you're as baduy as we are, there's more than enough love to go around, right?