0155F: Living the Ebert Life

See you at the movies!
Earlier today, news broke that famed film critic Roger Ebert had died at age 70. I've been a fan of his reviews and I often use him as a benchmark for my own reviews over on the Geeky Guide. And while we didn't always agree on all which movies are great, his reviews have always represented how movie criticism should be. He was a very distinct voice versus all other reviews - a man who showed us all how to look at movies with a more critical eye and never compromise in terms of what we deserve as viewers. He will be sorely missed and with luck bloggers like me can continue to contribute to the critical discussion of movies out there and drive Hollywood to do better.

I've always loved movies - it's something that the family helped drive home, in a manner of speaking. Whether it's the magic of the cinema and the big screen or just getting together on a couch to watch a DVD, movies are magical. And that is something that we should never forget - something that Ebert lived and breathed with every review and commentary. And we can best honor him by continuing to celebrate the magic of movies by going out to theaters, watching more DVDs and always sharing with others how the movies made us feel. That's sharing the magic.

So now I'm checking the movie schedules - Tobie and I definitely need to see a movie this weekend.